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We offer building, repair and maintenance services to all kinds of stringed musical instruments by Apostolos Karatzas.


what we do

Repairs, adjustments and modifications to stringed musical instruments


Guitar & Bass

Acoustic or Electric


Bouzouki, Tzoura, Baglama


Lute, Lire, Oud, Mandolin

Classical Stringed

Violin Family

Innovative service of pick-up and delivery at your place, in the area of Athens – Greece, with absolute safety and confidence.

Our guarantee, our thorough training at the unique Technological Educational Institute in technology of musical instruments in Europe, the Department of Sound and Musical Instrument Technology (ATEI of Ionian Islands), and our multi-year experience in collaboration with some of the most Greek distinguished luthiers.

Special agreements for Businesses.

Custom-guitars.gr combines devotion to music and musical instruments with the 20+ year experience with projects and collaborations, and accredited expertise on manufacturing and repairing stringed musical instruments. The work of custom-guitars.gr is based on the continuous search for solutions to improve the technical specifications of stringed musical instruments, acoustic or electric. This improvement is driven by the sound, playability and durability of the instruments in the context of the user’s needs and desires.

Apostolos Karatzas
A Degree in Sound and Musical Instrument Technology at the TEI of Ionian Islands, a professional technician of stringed instruments and active musician with studies in guitar and music theory

We offer building, repair and maintenance services to all kinds of stringed musical instruments of all types, including:

  • Guitars and Basses (Electric or Acoustic), and also:

  • Greek Folk (Bouzouki, Tzoura, Baglama)

  • Traditional (Lute, Lyre, Oud, Mandolin)

  • Classical Stringed (Violin Family)

We do any work at your instrument, such as repairs or custom builds of specific parts that can caused by wear or by an accident (break) but also by poor or inadequate maintenance and improper storage.

Even, within some tasks, we re-set (set-up) you instrument, always under your special needs.

At any level’s musician.

The “right” instrument is always necessary for the professional or amateur musician, but also for the novice/apprentice one. While the “skilled” musician is more often aware of his needs, by lack of experience, this cannot be true for someone who makes his first steps into the world of music. Therefore, special care is given to him, so that he can have a “tool” on his hands that will not only help him to develop his playing, but also predisposes him to engage more each time he has to study.

In each and every case, through our discussion on your needs, and according to your instrument’s condition and the work that is needed, we find the best solution that can be achieved.

  • For the Individuals:

After our communication we visit you at your place and we take a look at your instrument. Upon agreement of the work to be done, we complete the work form of which you keep a copy. If it’s possible, the work can be done right-away at your place, otherwise we pick it up and we pre-agree for the time that is going to be delivered back at your place.

  • For the Businesses:

By special agreement, we provide building, repairing and maintenance services of musical instruments at companies such as music schools, music stores, workshops with invoice issuing.

Repairs & Mods

fabric top custom T guitar

Αναπαραγωγή Βίντεο

Sassafras body
Cerused satin nitrocellulose finish
Dark roasted maple neck and Fretboard
Tru-oil and wax finished Neck
9.5” Radius
Double-Action Truss-rod / Spoke Wheel heel adj.

SG style custom guitar

Mahogany Body and Neck
Open-Grain Satin Nitrocellulose Finish
Matching Control Cavity Cover
String-Through body w/ hardtail bridge
Block  Inlays
12” Radius
Double-Action Truss-rod

VH 5150 style custom guitar

Alder body
High-gloss polyurethane finish
One piece Maple neck
Black dot inlays
12” Radius
Double-Action Truss-rod /heel adj.

T style custom guitar

Basswood body /contoured
High-gloss polyurethane finish
Maple neck / Ebony fretboard
Mother of pearl dot inlays
9.5” Radius
Double-Action Truss-rod

LP style custom guitar - Black

Basswood body
High-gloss polyurethane finish
Maple neck / Rosewood fretboard
Acrylic dot inlays
12” Radius
Double-Action Truss-rod
Phase reverse switch (Peter Green mod)

LP style custom guitar - Natural

Basswood body
High-gloss polyurethane finish
Maple neck / Rosewood fretboard
Pearloid trapezoid inlays
12” Radius
Double-Action Truss-rod

Custom V style guitar

Mahogany body
High-gloss polyurethane finish
Maple neck / Rosewood fretboard
Block inlays
White fretboard binding
12” Radius
Double-Action Truss-rod


Examples of some of our services:

The Set-up includes the necessary work that is required for the proper usability and playability of the instrument, for example:

  • Neck relief

The adjustment of the instrument’s neck bow.

  • String action

The distance of the strings from the fingerboard.

  • Intonation

String-to-string adjustment so it can be as tonal accurate as possible.

  • Nut slotting

Proper cutting of the string slots on the nut, based on the string gauge and its proper function.

  • Bridge adjustment

Adjusting the bridge of the instrument, based on the strings pulling (strain) and their distance from the fretboard (string height).

  • Basic cleaning

Cleaning of the instrument (body – neck – fretboard) with special cleaners, depending on the instrument’s finish, as well as the electric hardware (pots, switches, etc) with contact spray and compressed air. The instrument’s other hardware, such as the tuning keys and the bridge, are also checked and lubricated properly.

Price: €30.00

The replacement of the nut or saddle (for acoustic instruments) made from bone or tusq blanks, and getting it properly shaped to ensure intonation, optimal playability and overall tuning stability of the instrument.

Price: €30.00

Fret leveling, re-crowning and polishing. Setup is included.

Price: €75.00

This work includes changing of the frets and fret-dress them, while fretboard leveling is required. Setup is included.

Price: €150.00 (Finishing on maple fretboards, in case of bound fretboard or in case of further planing and leveling of the fretboard + €25.00)

The replacement of pickups, potentiometers, switches and re-wiring, shielding or any other custom mods.

Price: €25.00 per hour

Replacement of any parts such as tuning keys, bridges, tremolos, pickguards etc.

Price: €25.00 € per hour

Repairing cracks, dents or breaks at any electric or acoustic instrument. As soon as the crack is repaired we heal the spot with lacquer of clear coat it, while internal strengthening of the crack is done on a acoustic instrument’s body or top.

Price: €25.00 € per hour

Any kind of works, by order. We always consider the need of the intervention and whether it is feasible to do.

Price: €25.00 per hour

Depending on the condition of the instrument, a combination of jobs may required.

If any task will not agreed to be gone after our visit, there is a €16.00 charge.

For any further information on our services or charges please do not hesitate to ask on the given ways of contact.

*Prices are indicative and does not include VAT.


Contact us for any information about our services or to book an appointment.
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